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Whiff of a scent

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Whiff of a scent - Dr. S. B. Mujumdar


A book of articles written by Dr. S. B. Mujumdar.

About the book I was a Professor in Fergusson Collge and resided on the campus as rector of boy’s hostel. I noticed a girl in skirt passing something to her boy-friend through the window bars. This happened consecutively for three days. Suspecting some ‘affair’, I went to the student’s room. A student from Mauritius was bed-ridden. He was suffering from jaundice. When I went in, he got up and said ‘Sir, I cannot walk even two steps. My sister gives my tiffin through the window because girls are not allowed in boy’s hostels’. He kept his head on my shoulder and wept. His tears trickled down on me. This event gave birth to Symbiosis. It was to become an organisation for propagation of international understanding between Indian and foreign students. The year was 1971. During several functions of Symbiosis, I came in contact with many individuals. I never met some of them after my first meeting. Some I continued to meet occasionally while some became ‘friends’. Even in these fleeting moments, certain characteristics of each individual were noticed by me. Among these individuals were Presidents, prime-ministers, political leaders, industrial tycoons and world-renowned cartoonist like my friend Shri R. K. Laxman. I thought of penning some facets of these individuals as they appealed to me, to describe briefly the occasions at which I met them and to present a vignette, a pen- portrait. My friend advocate Ranade advised me to write down my memories of such meetings. I liked the idea. My friend Shri Anantrao Dixit, editor of Lokmat agreed to publish one article each Sunday. His colleague Shri. Pradip Nifadkar extended cooperation. Twenty-six such articles came to be published. Shri S. V. Joshi of Utkarsh Prakashan requested me to publish a book of these articles. These were published under the caption ‘KUPI’. Advocate Ranade brought out these articles in English so beautifully that one feels as if they were originally written in English. My thanks to B. R. Ranade, Anantrao Dixit, Pradip Nifadkar and publisher S. V. Joshi. Dr. S. B. Mujumdar.

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