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My Journey

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My Journey - Sharad Kawale


Some individuals are born great. Greatness is thrust upon some and there are some who attain greatness by their capacity of facing all odds with a smile and reach the desired destination by the sheer dint of their perseverance. 

I have never read an entire novel in my life.

When I read, it’s usually a newspaper or some sort of textbook. Or it might be the stories I tell my grandchildren. Years ago, I would often put my first-born grandson, Neel, to sleep at night by reading him children’s storybooks. Neel was a curious boy and would often ask me to talk about the more personal stories of our family. I had lots to tell him about his father, Nitin. I’d recall what his father was like as a young boy. I’d talk about his love of sports and the outstanding performances at school. I’d also tell Neel about me — the stories of my life and the people in it.


I was convinced one day by my wife Vijaya and son Nitin to put these stories down on paper so that they might live on. I’d hoped that my sons, grandchildren and their families would come to know my life story and perhaps also learn something about themselves from my recollections.

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Publisher: सृजन ड्रीम्स प्रा. लि