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Last stand on the earth - Praveen Manikavel


Last stand on the earth is an interesting Science fiction based on alpha attack on earth penned by Praveen Manickavel, an eleven years old student.

Prologue It’s been 50 since the alien race known as Alpha (amphibious lethal parasitic hallucinating allergens). The alphas can evolve at an unimaginable rate. In 2014 a meteorite contain the first alpha landed in South America. The first alpha was a microscopic parasite; it first attached its self to wolf turning it into the first stage 1 alpha. Then the alpha killed more wildlife turning them also into alphas. At first stage 1 alpha were different in size, shape, and behavior .The alphas size, shape, and behavior depended on their victim. Then they started to attack humans but the stage 1 alphas could not evolve into its prey anymore; the alpha reproduced at a fast rate making a big population of the alphas. The next generation of alphas looked similar in size, shape, and behavior; the second generation of alpha could take the intellect and memory of their prey but not the form. They alphas then slowly started to conquer the Earth

Format: Adaptive

Publisher: सृजन ड्रीम्स प्रा. लि