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Investing in Mutual Funds

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Investing in Mutual Funds - Ujwal Marathe


This book is meant for the novice investor, who has a number of questions in his mind about mutual funds.

PREFACE Personal Finances and Investments are today receiving greater attention than ever before. The investor has now become knowledgeable cautious and about investment instruments. In the last two decades, the investment option that has emerged as one of the most popular one is Mutual Funds. Across the globe and particularly in the advanced countries, greater number of investors are routing their investments through Mutual funds. In India too, the investors have seen their mutual fund investments grow and there is now an increased inclination amongst the new breed of investors, who have tested the convenience, transparency and performances of their investments, to seek more knowledge regarding their investments. This book is meant for the novice investor, who has a number of questions in his mind about mutual funds. An attempt is made to provide investors accurate information of mutual fund investing. The form of the book- is simple and will help investors address specific information requirements. The book does not claim to make investors experts in mutual fund investments, but will bring them closer to a better understanding of the mutual fund industry and investments in mutual fund. The book also does not make any evaluation of the performance of any mutual fund schemes nor does it intend to recommend investing in any specific fund or a scheme. I would like to thank all the investors, who after reading my articles and interacting with me gave me the idea of coming up with such a book, which addresses the specific doubts in the minds of the investors. I am grateful to Dr. Kirit Somaiya, President, Investor Grievances Forum for kindly consenting to give the foreword. Investors will certainly benefit from reading this book. A greater awareness implies well-informed investment decisions and greater pleasures in investing and of course creating wealth through mutual funds. - Ujwal Marathe

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