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Health Secrets To Light 100th Candle

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Health Secrets To Light 100th Candle - Ashok Shinde


Health secrets to light 100th candle is penned by Ashok shinde who is a naturopath and have succeeded in developing Holistic healing system (strengthen all internal organs)

At the outset, let me tell you that I am a naturopath and have succeeded in developing Holistic healing system (strengthen all internal organs) where the body’s immune system regenerates into impregnable, veritable fortress. I am convinced that human body can be perfected not to suffer from flu, sickness, diabetes, hypertension, backache etc for decades and not even after the age of 60s-70s even beyond by merely stregthening God gifted immune system. There would be no need to take medication except in emergency and surgery since you remain protected. There should be no need to take even analgesic tablets since you would never suffer even from a headache. Anyone who meditates, follows special natural diet, exercises as mentioned in this book from early ages, even from 20-30 years of age, can easily live to light 100th candle without any sickness, disease irrespective of the types of genes inherited. The research has proved that in large majority of cases diseases are epigenetic, whether certain genes are expressed or not is decided by dietary and other factors and not solely on the genes inherited. Even if a person has inherited defective family genes like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, cancer etc these diseases can be prevented by right kind of dietary and other measures mentioned under respective chapters. This is applicable in more than 95% of the cases and proved by WHO statistics. You can stop blaming your ancestors! Our human body has been empowered, programmed and engineered by super intelligence not to suffer from any kind of sickness and self heal itself in the eventuality of any disease. It is our ignorance of natural cures that has failed to harness this power. You can attain total health and free yourself from the shackles of all kinds of diseases like cardio vascular problems, diabetes, arthritis, hernia, kidney/gall bladder stones, Alzheimer, Parkinson, and even all types of flu including swine flu with bare minimum use of medications, rather cure is possible only when your immune system takes over the healing process and medicines are used only in case of emergency and accidents.  You might be surprised with above statement but it is true. Because my conclusions are based on cutting edge studies, research done at premier institutions like Harvard, Masachussets etc all over the world on millions of people of different population and races by health experts with MD/PhD degree, noble laureates, research papers published in leading magazines and judicious implementation of these recommendations with innovations based on Ayurved, herbs, Yoga and meditation. I have quoted more than 200 references from the renowned researchers, noble prize winners in this book to substantiate how BP, diabetes, arthritis, cancer etc can be prevented and cured by simple supplements, herbs, diet and other natural means.

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