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FITNESS & Beyond

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FITNESS & Beyond - Ulhas Shirke


Between the two covers of this book the author has tried to wrap up a whole lot of ground and has also attempted to answer many unanswered questions on fitness. He has not only elaborated on fitness for men, teenagers, and working women but also emphasized its need for executives and celebraties.The book dishes out a veritable array of simple and easy to follow methods in the day to day life for keeping oneself fit. Indeed, it will make you think beyond fitness. It is sure receipe for exercising with a purpos, tackling emotional disturbance, changing lifestyle, quality breathing, hydrotherapy, diet and many more such issues related with the healthy living, besides fitness.

Fitness and Beyond ... a real life experience   Prologue In today’s world, the most relevant aspect in human life is fitness. But what is fitness? How do we define fitness? Good health, strength, vigour, high energy levels are some notions that spring to our mind. My definition of fitness is the ability of a person to perform any activity with enthusiasm and vivacity, at the end of a tiring day. If, that’s possible for any person, he is said to possess ‘fitness’ as an asset. In fact, in recent times, it is our most valuable possession. More precious than Gold! If we talk about the Indian life style, a majority of the toiling people struggle hard to earn their livelihood and in the process neglect their own health. We find people returning home from their work with tired and worn out looks. All that they expect is something to eat and then loosen up. You ask them to join some activity outside and they would be reluctant to do so. What’s the reason behind this fatigue that bothers majority today? Is the hectic lifestyle responsible or is it because their energy levels have gone down? There are many challenging issues that need to be answered in a simple language so that people try and regain their energy levels and are fully stimulated to live life to their optimum levels. That is the need of the hour. Else these people would be out of reckoning in this world that values high performance. Through this book, I have shared my own experiences with the people around during my practice as a fitness consultant for the past few years and even before that as an onlooker and a part of this beautiful world of ours. I am sure the contents in my first chapter on a celebrity like Dev Anand should inspire the readers to live life as this octogenarian has managed so well for over 60 years in his profession! My own life experience to remodel myself and open my second innings with a new vigour, covered in this book, I believe, may encourage readers to take up fitness challenges seriously. It is all in our hands. With a positive attitude and total focus on the goal we intend to achieve, anything is possible. Fintness and Beyond as the name indicates, the book delves much beyond the scope of investigating the possibility of attaining fitness in different ways. There are many books on Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Art of Living and other related topics. I thought of extending the concept of fitness further covering and highlighting the holistic aspects that are relevant to maintain fitness at all times! Last but not the least, I wish to emphasize, - it’s all there in your mind, and, ‘mind’ is not a part of your body; it is not even an organ of your body. And yet, it controls and wreaks havoc with aspects that affect your ability to perform. Keeping this simple logic in mind, always try to remain in a positive frame of mind while reading this book. If you do so, I assure you enduring success in maintaining good health supported by fitness. My sincere thanks to my sister Dr. Alka Redkar, a research scientist in US, for updating me with the latest on fitness. My wife Sejal and son Swahil were always there to support me. My brother Mukul, who always encouraged me about this publication and my sister-in-law- Sangeeta, a bank officer, a role model of a busy working woman. My college going nephew- Rohit, a footballer, helped me to understand different types of injuries in his game and my brother-in-law Ashok who suggested me to write about Dev saab. My friend Chintan Mokashi also offered his valuable suggestions. I am also thankful to Dr. Dinesh Keny, my friend and medical practitioner cum sports medicine specialist, with whom I discussed many cases from time to time, to understand various medical aspects. Special thanks to Dr. K. G. Karmarkar for his suitable guidance. Last but not the least, young Nikhil Idurkar (son of my childhood friend Anil) for adding colours with his professional photography. Numerous doctors and fitness professionals came forward willingly to share their valuable experiences and add inputs to the book. I have named their contributions in various chapters in this book. In many cases, I have deliberately not used the real names of some of my clients and colleagues so as to maintain their privacy. I am confident that their valuable experiences will certainly inspire all those aspiring for good health and a good quality of life. I wish all of you the best that life has to offer! - Ulhas Shirke

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