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Fault Line

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Fault Line - Pranav Joshi


Fantastic novel by Pranav Joshi.... Translated from his original Marathi Novel .......  

Welcome to the world! It is 2121 AC, and the world is a different place but is sadly too predictable, given the horrors we‟ve cast upon it. Human body has grown weaker, the average atmospheric temperature has been raised by 5°C, humans have started living on mars nearly 100 years ago, but human colonies on mars and moon too face different problems now, concerning natural resources. As its inhabitants, we have degraded our ecosystem throughout, and our home stares at an impending doom. Humans are getting lazy day by day and machines have aided them unknowingly in their pursuit of laziness. Most of the mines are dead and oil wells have dried, what remains are dug ditches and exhausted hillocks. Outer space treaty of 1967 has been modified and mining on moon and other planets has been legalized. Petroleum wells in the Middle East, USA and Russian Federation are mostly empty. All the metals were oxidized during the 3rd world war, which happened 50 years ago, leaving all of them useless. Now we have anti gravity systems, black bomb, and transporter portal (which plays a vital role in story later), we are still working on wormhole. Time machine project has been banned by the government due to the obvious effect that can bring. In 2080‟s, India‟s initiative for a concept of „A world with no boundaries‟ turned into reality and now, a common governing body called World Governing Organization (WGO) governs the world. Each of the member nations selects their president to represent them at WGO. World population has crossed 11 billion in 2100 and continues to increase. One day, Dr. Vyas, an Indian scientist has a nightmare about human extinction. He comes to know that the nightmare is actually the output of his subconscious thinking, which after study and hard work concludes to be true. Now he is the only human to know about the timeline of the event of human extinction. His assistant, Max, a robot and centralized system to his home, and Neel whom he parented like his own son, help him to save the world. They present a study in WGO meeting and inform every country‟s representative so as to get help from everyone. They request everybody to maintain secrecy, citing concerns over the human tendency to save oneself and one‟s own family before saving others, which may jeopardize the master plan to save human race. WGO later accepts Dr. Vyas‟s view stating „survival of the fittest‟ in accordance with Darwin‟s theory. The idea of “fittest” is relative and Dr. Vyas elaborates to WGO members that „those who would remain unharmed on earth even after the occurrence of an apocalyptic event would be the fittest to survive and will lead human race‟. Dr. Vyas further proposes to emigrate selected people to moon, thus it is implied that only a fraction of total population would be helped to survive. Dr. Vyas estimates that the event will occur after 10 years (The reason behind the event is heart of this story). No one ever imagined the reason behind the event and no human brain ever explored the one probability. Meanwhile, in the Arabian Peninsula, an Afghan family dream of a better life, but still has a long way to gain financial stability. Nevertheless, Murtaza is happy one day, because his father Munawar has promised him that they along with his wife Pakiza would go to a park to enjoy. Pakiza still tries to convince Munawar to go back to their old life, while he tells her about his new job. She‟s worried as his new low profile job is in a destruction company, but the job pays well. Their life takes a sharp turn in 2122, when Murtaza comes home with a sheet of paper conforming his seat to moon for a program of 10 years by WGO. No one in Munawar‟s family was ever enrolled in such programs and Munawar mulls over the decision of enrollment, but later reluctantly agrees to send his son to moon next year. Neel has become a scientist and faces various problems, as his family seems to divert him from the actual goal. This story completely revolves around these characters and their life. After these incidences, these two parallel stories slowly come together and blend smoothly when after a year Murtaza enrolls in the program, led by Shizo along with a scientist named Neel. The apocalyptic event which is expected to occur after 8 years, starts after some days due to human intervention. And, unknowingly Dr. Vyas and Munawar are the trigger for the initializing the event. Triggering off of a chain reaction starts and how things get worse is explained in the later part of the story, with increasing speed, leaving creative gaps to fill in further plot for a sequel and prequel… At the end, people live on the moon, mars and in a floating society near dark side of Venus and only 300 children with „perfect‟ DNA, migrated from earth are what remains of human race. Whole earth has been destructed. Earth‟s atmosphere changes and Earth loses its most of the magnetic field, revolving around the sun in a circular orbit instead of a typically elliptical one. Neel and Murtaza lose their families and Dr. Vyas prefers staying on earth even after knowing what‟s going to happen. Neel becomes unable to do anything at that time due to some human inventions only. Earth gets covered by black clouds formed due to the ashes of lava emerged and later becomes radioactive due to the destruction of all the nuclear plants. There remains a wholly different world people are going to see. I‟m actually planning to write a prequel and a sequel, making it a trilogy. I have imagined a lot of concepts which are written but not mentioned in synopsis, only some of them are mentioned as narrating the story without them was impossible. Every concept and imagination logically satisfies every criterion of physics so this is something more than just fiction.

Format: Adaptive

Publisher: सृजन ड्रीम्स प्रा. लि